About Us


General Information

Fullico, located in beautiful Vancouver, is a company incorporated under the laws of British Columbia on May 10, 2012. It is a trading company, as well as a marketing consulting company. The company focuses on the export of products, including wine (icewine, white wine, red wine, and others) and nutritional health products,  from North America to Asian markets, specifically to China. It also acts as an agent to brings investors and technology from China to business in Canada.

Objective of Fullico : excellent quality and sincere service.


We Focus on Being Professional Wine Distributor

The company seeks for high quality wine (VQA) with the goal of introducing them to Chinese market by distributing and promoting. It also helps customers building professional knowledge of wine, training professional team to sell wine in China, creating professional channel, in other words, helps the customers become professional and passionate.


We Advocate Pure and Natural Raw Materials

Only 100% natural , pure raw materials, can bring 100% effect to you.

Fullico has always been committed to using pure , natural ingredients, well-made dietary supplements to improve people’s health and life quality.

More natural , more healthy —— in order to guarantee the natural and pure quality of the products, Fullico has set a strict audit system on the sources of raw materials which fully takes the grown and reared environmental factors into account. Fullico uses natural and organic raw materials which are selected from the natural planting base and the deep sea in Canada, America, Norway, Brazil and New Zealand to guarantee products’ natural quality without any pollution. All raw materials must be isolated before sent to the production area. We only use the certified materials for producing.

The entire process ensures the natural quality without any pollution.

More pure, more effective – Fullico star products – fish oil, seal oil, milk thistle, soy isoflavones and other products all use raw materials of medical grade purity to prevent all unnecessary additives. We work hard to bring the most pure and effective products to our customers.


Medical Grade Monitoring over Production

Fullico’s factory is located in Vancouver where there is fresh air, pure water and a suitable environment to ensure pure and natural quality of fullico’s products.

Fullico’s factory was certified by FDA, GMP certification licenced by Health Canada , Organic Certificate , Kosher Certificate , Halal Certificate and HACCP certification. We have a state-of-the-art plant, first-class production and packaging equipment, strict production management system and our fully digital Batch Management can accurately lock producing and packaging information, including personnel and raw material sources.

From the selection of raw materials, production monitoring to product testing, we try every possible way to bring flawless products to our consumers.


Medical Grade R&D

Fullico is committed to bringing professional medical concepts into daily nutrition. It succeeds in adjusting the cell metabolism, preventing disease and assisting disease treatment through cellular nutrition.

Fullico has a professional scientist team and the majority of them have research experience of clinical medicine and cell molecular nutrition for more than 20 years. The research team proposed a molecular nutrition theory, that was, “bring a molecule to nourish one kind of cell in order to reduce a certain disease “. According to this theory, they developed special nutritional food to improve the health condition of patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer , and other diseases.

Fullico has a R & D center and a molecular nutrition laboratory. The research team which includes more than 20 professors majored in clinical medicine , molecular biology , nutrition , pharmaceutical and other fields has developed medical grade health and nutrition products for consumers.