Quality Policy

Fullico Enterprises LTD. (Fullico)


To provide highest-quality products to customers and consumers, our quality policy plays a vital role from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and delivering the end product.



Sourcing raw materials

Fullico use the best possible combination of ingredients to deliver the qualities and benefits that our consumers want. We maintain a set of mandatory requirements for the use of ingredients and materials in our products. These standards take into account the relevant regulatory requirements together with human and environmental safety considerations and are continually reviewed and updated in light of new information and scientific developments.





Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp. (CPC) has been authorized by Fullico Enterprises Ltd. to manufacture our products. CPC is a fully integrated cGMP contract manufacturer of herbal extracts, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and natural health products.


Our Quality Assurance Programme runs independently from our manufactors. Therefore, under the supervision of Fullico, CPC provide customers with advanced manufacturing services supported by their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and highly experienced team of experts.


With the cooperation of CPC, we believe our deep roots in scientific innovation has established us as the premier organisation in providing top quality natural health products formulated with the ever evolving technology of the 21st century.





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Delivering the end product

A full set inspection of end products is enforced before delivering to assurance the quality of the end product. And we also require a separate process of quality assurance and monitoring in the storage and logistic.